Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I have recently just started using the web whilst i have become ill I am a survivor of historic child abuse. I have recently had a book published called "I forgive you daddy". I have now set up my own website called I forgive you daddy I am trying my best to reach out to fellow survivors and make it loud and clear to everyone they have a voice, and please find any way possible to make it heard. We have been swept under the carpet for too many years as guilty little secrets, I for 1 am taking no more of it I refuse to feel ashamed for what happened to me as a child.  Guilt or shame can only be apportioned to someone who has done something wrong or by someone who is willing to alllow people to force it upon them. I  for one will not allow anyone to bully me to stay silent any more. I am willing to help anyone that is afraid to stand up to their abusers. We all have rights so please stop hurting yourself and learn to love yourself & live.

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